Anthony Gifford
Post Christian Author and Speaker

Simeon's Gospel



This clear, delightfully readable book will be a reassuring help to those looking for a thoughtful restatement of basic Christian truths, shorn of the first century language and miraculous explanations that cause such scepticism now.

An ingenious selection and rearrangement of traditional Biblical sources for modern enquiring minds, "Simeon's Gospel" will repay thoughtful consideration with an understanding and faith for today.

John Schram a retired Canadian Diplomat


Simeon's Gospel is our guide to the life and times of Jesus told in a way the Bible never has. It is a very pleasant and thought provoking read. I recommend it to anyone who likes to think outside the box.

I am a visual artist so I know that when we look we do not see it all. When we listen we do not hear it all. But when we ponder spiritual matters we have a right to hear and see in our own way.

Shirley Miller, long time artist and resident of Amherst Island.


In his book Simeon's Gospel, Anthony Gifford shares with us the story of the wise teacher and prophet Jesus of Nazareth. Free of the expectation that the reader must believe that Jesus was a god, we are free to learn of his life as a man very much of his time and yet revealing to mankind a new way of thinking and behaving. Simplicity, inclusiveness, humility, compassion, sharing, forgiving--those were the hallmarks of the philosophy of the man in whose name a new religion would be founded, with the potential to practise and proclaim in the centuries to come the truths he offered the world.

This fascinating account of the life and teachings of Jesus offers fresh insights into what most of us consider an old story. Two come immediately to mind: the concept of the Spirit of God as feminine (how did Christians lose sight of that?) and the issue of Jesus as most likely married (a man remaining single would be thought odd by his community, a perception that lingers in Eastern cultures even today). Delicately picked out of the material of the New Testament, this story of Jesus as a man living a very human life but with an inspiring message for humanity offers even an atheist reader like me a fresh and fascinating glimpse of the historical Jesus. It underscores the painful truth that great teachers like Jesus should be loved, valued and imitated rather than deified, worshipped and fought over.

A. Henderson