Anthony Gifford
Post Christian Author and Speaker

Welcome!   Thanks for finding me.


Thanks for dropping in, again, or for the first time. I'm honoured to have even a few seconds of your time. 

Many of us just know that there has to be more to life than what we are offered by the noise around us. We are much more than what we eat, what cars we drive, the size of our house or how much we save for retirement. We know that  love, however we define it, or from what source it comes, is really the most important reality of life, the one aspect of ourselves that goes beyond us. Yet we have no or very few models on which to learn and grow in love.


Assumptions: We are on a journey.  Our goal is to grow in love, life and joy.  The unquestioned life of isolation is a waste.

For You:  Does your spent time, energy and resources reflect the above beliefs?  Are you in conflict, stress, dis-ease, because of that lack of wholeness?  Would you welcome communication / support / help / sharing in these matters of reflection, choice and actions?

For Me: I'll help how / when / where-ever I am able.  Thanks for considering to share with me in your journey.

Classic Christianity speaks a lot of love, but has shown to be quite unloving, based on a God who condemns everyone to a hell, unless they believe in certain things that don't make sense. 

Yet, we persist in our spirituality of love, but, alas, alone, and therefore, relatively ungrowing, for we need others with which to grow. We believe on our own, but stay there.

I am with you in these things. While being a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, I am not a doctrinal Christian and know there are many other paths to love.   

In my old age, I have many things to share; expertise, failures, joys and sorrows, lived within a life of searching, with and from outside of the established church scene. My goal is to share and to encourage others to reason, live and grow in how they might find the best way for themselves. If we connect more deeply, through any and all means, we can only be helped in all of this. 

This web-site, books, blog, etc. is my attempt to do this.  Any sharing we do informs and therefore adds to who and what we are and yet may become.    

                              Thank you and again, welcome.

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